About Us

RP Luitel, a passionate editorial commercial photographer, is in the business of photography and vidoegraphy since 2002 AD. Running the client-friendly and service oriented business is his motto ever since.  He has got his training from AVAS (18th August 2011 to 19th November 2011). Over a decade of professional photography and videography, R.P. Luitel has become a true storyteller. His passion and dedication in photography has established him as a successful commercial photographer in town. He won the renowned photographic studio   at the center of the Kathmandu city. He has gained popularity among the fashion industry as well as the general people as he is very energetic and easygoing person and put his client at ease. RP Luitel works with a team of experienced photographers & videographers with extensive backgrounds in editorial, commercial, fashion, wedding and documentary photography & videography.

He has been credited to have shot the many distinguished photographs for the various reputed magazines and national dailies. He has participated in various photography competitions and has won various awards and honors.

Why choose Dot Focus Studio?

Anyone can snap a good picture these days but it is better to call a professional photographer to see the difference it can make, when life’s most important occasions are unfolding. Although a professional photographer will cost you a little more, it will be worthwhile in the end.

Apart from shooting at our studio, we offer photography & videography at different indoor and outdoor shooting environment. We provide all kind of high quality photography, videography services and a wide range of album printing service on demand.

Our Team

Khadga Lama

Professional Videographer

Bishnu Kafle

Professional Videographer

Ganesh Dahal

Professional Photographer